Registration form can be downloaded from the website or can be collected from the school admission office. To complete the registration process, a set of documents need to be submitted along with the admission form, either through courier or in person. It is mandatory for all documents to be submitted in full for an application to be considered.


• Previous school reports (of the last year, where applicable)                                         

• Photocopy of the child’s date of birth certificate.          

•  Photocopy of the child's Aadhaar card.

• Photocopy of the parents' ID cards along with address proof.

• Passport size photograph of the child (in colour)

• Registration fee: Non-refundable amount of Rs.2100/- by cheque or cash.


Step 2: Written assessment

Once we have seats to offer, all applicants (except for Nursery and    Prep) will be required to undergo a level appropriate admissions assessment. This helps us learn about each applicant’s capabilities and identify any special needs. Admission assessments in English and Mathematics are necessary for all students seeking admission from class 6 and above. For primary classes, admission will be confirmed after an interaction with the child.


Step 3: Face to face interview

Applicants who clear the written assessments will be invited for a face to face interview. The interview would be conducted by an Admissions panel.


Step 4: Offer of admission

The result of the written assessments, face to face interviews and records from the previous school (where applicable) of the applicant, will be considered before an offer of admission is made by Petals world School.

An offer needs to be accepted or rejected within five working days.

Fees should be paid upon acceptance.

Fees are to be paid within five working days of the date of the invoice.

The school reserves the right to offer the admission to the next available candidate, if:

                     a. The offer is not accepted within five working days from the date of offer.

                     b. Payment is not made within the specified period of time.