1.     The Library at Petals World School is well equipped and spacious. It has at least five books (other than text books) per student in its stock. It does not stock notes, examination guides or keys of any kind. In the selection of books, norms or guidelines provided by the Board have been followed and purchases have been made in consultation with the subject teachers. 

2.     The school subscribes to sufficient number of newspapers and educational magazines. At least 15 magazines suitable for students and professional needs of teachers have been subscribed to. 

3.       Library has the following category books:

a.       General book: - in which the subject matter is discussed in a general manner. The subject may be simple exposition of a specific subject.

b.       Reference book: - Contains readymade information basically known as compilation and compendium of various disciplines of knowledge. They are not meant for continuous reading rather these are consulted for specific piece of information. The variety of reference books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, biographical dictionaries, handbooks, directories, gazetteers, and atlases etc.

c.       Novels, Biographies, Auto-biography

d.       Facts & fiction books